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30 March 2008 @ 10:56 pm
GrimmIchi Fanfic!  
Wow, I actually post this...

It's a GrimmIchi Fanfic I wrote in Math and Health class. I really didn't think that I would finish it, but anyway, there's an excuse to update, and I bring you this Fic with happiness!! hAHAH!

            ~It REALLY Couldn't Hurt, Could it?

            The damn look on his face was really getting to him right about now.

            The kind of condescending smirk, and that ridiculous calm tone of “Welcome back, Grimmjow,” like he did nothing wrong. Presumably, the sixth espada did do something more than given, but a couple of reiatsu-filled souls disappearing off the face of the earth couldn’t hurt anyone that badly. No really, only two people died during his visit to the human world this time, which was quite disturbingly…good, provided that his impatient and violent nature usually took up ten or more corpses each time. Grimmjow was quite proud by the fact that he could be patient—after a long lecture from a certain shinigami about ‘obsessive fighting’ that damage his home town—but he was reaching his limit with “Aizen-sama” and his know-it-all personality.

            Grimmjow’s visits to Karakura town were increasing by number each month, all for the sake of getting to fight with the orange-haired substitute shinigami. For Aizen to be calling him at such a time would probably be because of Ulquiorra’s smart mouth, reporting Aizen everything. The little bastard was probably tailing him too. Grimmjow could sense the fourth espada’s reiatsu sometime, but mostly either dismissed it or completely ignored it if Ulquiorra had no intention of stopping or bothering him in anyway.

            It was actually annoying him too by the fact of his new found feelings for the boy. It was not exactly ‘hate’, and ‘caring’ would probably be an understatement. Grimmjow was sure that he was protective, or rather, possessive of the boy. From a recent situation involving a small group of invasion by the small fries of arrancars, Grimjow instantly attacked them when Ichigo started heading towards the group in order to protect some kids near the park, (the little boy and girls were oblivious to the explosions, having mistaken them for fireworks to this day, and hopefully forever) thus in a way, disregarding Grimmjow. He wasn’t ‘protective’—his hollow nature would refuse to accept that—but he was irritated to an extent that his time with the orange-haired shinigami was cut short, as if it wasn’t already. The shock look on Kurosaki’s face for his action was worth the time though.

            Which brought his point back to his and Aizen’s confrontation right now. And so…

            “Welcome back, Grimmjow.”

            The espada scowled at the brown-haired taichou. Although he already knew the reason for him to be called here, he couldn’t help but ask anyway to waste time. “What do you want, Aizen…sama.”

            “I think you would know, Grimmjow.” The shinigami said. “You have been busy lately, or so Ulquiorra had told me…”

            Spot on. The bad mouth bastard Ulquiorra.

            “Visiting the human world out of mission is forbidden. I had made that clear, did I not?”

            The sixth espada kept silent, knowing full well that if one word let loose from his mouth, it would probably be followed instantly by a series of cussing, and as much as he hated the guy, he wasn’t as stupid as to dig his own grave when he knew why exactly he had been tolerating and following the shinigami around in the first place.

            “Grimmjow,” Aizen asked for his attention, voice calm but dangerous. The teal-haired arrancar frowned. “You did more than you are ordered to…But I’m not going to punish you…”

            Grimmjow raised an eyebrow at that. It was just like Aizen to say something along the line of “I agree with you,” something with the “You’re not wrong” fact, but truly only an idiot would be so presumptuous as to be happy to not be penalized. Even that bastard of an espada, Szayel Apollo, knew better to play along with the act both Ichimaru Gin and Aizen were putting up, and then complained later when he was out of their sight.

            Grimmjow was not as patient. However, when one stays with Aizen long enough, one knows that when Aizen is starting to agree wit you on a matter of subject, the conversation is ending and leaving no room for argument. Ultimately, a conversation with Aizen is a listening period in which no one says more than a “yes” or a “no” except for Aizen himself who will be the one asking question and even answering them, while you stay quiet and listen.

            That’s really how Grimmjow thinks anyway because he blocks out half the crap the shinigami says most of the time.

            In addition, when “Aizen-sama” said that he won’t stop or punish you, it only meant even more that you’re screwed; he got something up his sleeves. That he is bored and needed something or someone to amuse him, be it as an espada or fellow shinigamis in Seireitei or Las Noches.

            “Thank you, for the kindness,” Grimmjow grinded out the last word with utter hatred, turning around and stomped away quickly and angrily. He walked out the door, having one goal in mind in which it was related to bombing in on the berry-headed shinigami once again, but not before slamming a fraccion passing by into the white wall of Las Noches. The crimson shade on the wall that dripped slowly down from the head of the arrancar stood out from the plain white, and the though of that dirty red on clean paleness, like a thorn on “Aizen-sama’s” side…really wasn’t half bad and was worth looking forward to.


            “Kurosaki Ichigo,” a voice cried out. “Kurosaki Ichigo!”

            With the last word gone, a chalk was thrown at him, not quite enough to hurt but it sure got his attention. The orange-haired teenager looked up lazily at his sensei, eyese widen from the sudden change in scenario and a little bit of shock for being snap out of his thoughts.

            Ichigo stuttered a bit. “S-sensei?”

            “Pay attention in my class!” the teacher yelled.


            The teen kept silent, thinking about the figure he just saw out the window while he was day-dreaming. Ichigo could have sworn that it has a hole in it because he could through its body, which would mean that it was a Hollow. But then it also looked more like a human being than anything else, so perhaps an arrancar? As always, his ability in sensing reiatsu sucks, and to stop himself from being presumptuous as to think about a teal-haired espada, he stopped thinking all together.


            “Sensei,” Ichigo started before his teacher could yell at him. “I’m—I need to go to the nurse office.”

            “Wait, Kuro—”

            Before she got a chance to ask what happened, the teen rushed out of class and ran though the hall way with one thing in mind of going home, his sensei’s voice fading away as he continued on down the stairs and out the school gates.

            He didn’t know when it started, but he realized that he began to consider that arrancars do have hearts after all. Despite what both Rukia and Renji warned him, that hollows were broken souls that have no feelings or heart and that an arrancar is much the same, he assumed that not every one of them is like that. He wanted to believe that Grimm—an arrancar could be changed. Possibly. Nell, for ex, was an arrancar and even an espada, but she was merely a child (personality wise) who helped him and Inoue when they were in danger, caring for both of them. After Ichigo got kicked back to Karakura town after the first invasion to Las Noches from Ishida, Chad, Rukia, Renji, and himself, the substitute-shinigami began to get visits from the sixth espada, frequently.

            Although Grimmjow’s visits were most unwelcome, he had to admit that he was quite content to be able to fight with a strong opponent that was Grimmjow, and he was actually happy, or rather, relieved to see that the espada didn’t die…

            “Who didn’t die?”

            “Wha—the hell?!”

            The sudden voice behind him made Ichigo jumped, and he turned instantly, angry at being sneak up on, but was actually shocked for that moment.

            The figure he saw made him tensed up immediately. To say Ichigo was surprised was sort of wrong, as the teen was glaring at the person with deep hatred. For the time being, this guy was the last person he wanted to see right now.


            Said arrancar raised an eyebrow, grimacing as he said, “Yeah, that’s my name, shinigami. ‘The hell do you want?”

            “Th—that should be my line! You snuck up on me!”

            “Ahh? ‘hell are you talking about? I’ve been there foreve following you and you just completely ignore me, bastard,” Grimmjow scowled at the redhead. He risked losing his life and come to the human world to put up with this?! Either way, since he was already here, he might as well enjoy the ride and piss off the shinigami as much as possible. “So, who didn’t die?”

            From the silent that followed and the shade of red creeping up on the teen’s face, Grimmjow assumed that the shinigami was thinking out loud afterall.

            The sixth espada was just strolling out of the garganta when he saw a familiar face rushing by below him. Thanking his luck the appear at the right place and time, he followed Ichigo not far behind and was just about to pull a small bala on him—just to hit him at the back of the head, nothing too serious—when he heard the teen mentioned his name quietly under his breath. Grimmjow was amused at the least, so he disintegrated the condensed reiatsu at the tip of his finger, which was already stacking up quite a lot of crimson sparks, and decided to listen in on the teen. It was when the idiot Ichigo passed the clinic though, when Grimmjow finally spoke up and was completely entertained by the fact of how the boy managed to pass his own house and how engrossed he was in by his leaking thoughts.

            Kurosaki finally said something when Grimmjow reached that point in his little flashback.

            “It’s nothing. Why the hell are you here anyway?”

            The espada snorted. “Che! ‘was bored and pissed. Besides, I wanna get away from the damn Aizen. The bastard was complaining shit to me and I need to beat the crap out of someone for that.”

            It didn’t take Ichigo long to realize as to what Grimmjow was implying. The victorious smirk on the espada’s face didn’t help to ease the fact either.

            “Aren’t there any other low-ranking arrancar that could be your anger-target or something?” Ichigo asked, bother annoyed and bothered with Grimmjow’s attitude towards him. If the espada thinks that he was going to be the one taking his temper every time something pissed the espada off, then Ichigo might as well just bang his head on the wall of his room each day for faster effect. Seriously, the teal-haired jerk is pissed like what? Every fucking minute!

            “Nah, just…” the arrancar trailed off, strangely quiet which was unlike his normal nature. Although Ichigo was curious as to why Grimmjow was behaving out of his usually fucked up attitude, he was more than eager to turn back home, get to bed and go to sleep.

            By the time Ichigo was done contemplating his afternoon schedule, his face was gripped tightly and pulled forward. His eyes widen when he felt his lips smashed against another and his whole body tensed up instinctively, not sure what was happening.

            It wasn’t as much as a kiss, per se, but a violent smash of teeth to teeth rather, and the broken jaw mask of the espada didn’t do much to help but scrape annoyingly at his face, probably leaving a red bruising mark after this.

            The teen was left gasping for air when the arrancar finally let go, and he could feel the heat creeping on his cheeks once again, but for a whole different reason than anger. Because Grimmjow was Grimmjow, Ichigo immediately saw the espada smirking when he looked up to meet his eyes. “…just wanna test out something,” commented Grimmjow proudly, diving in to steal another kiss from the boy, or at least attempted to, as Ichigo brought his hand up to cover Grimmjow’s face—his sloberring mouth especially.

            “What the fuck are you trying to do, Grimmjow!?” Ichigo yelled, pushing himself from the arrancar to leave some space between them, instinct kicked in suddenly after snapping out of his stupor. Grimmjow made a face at the action and scowled lightly from the force the teen applied on his face.

            “Damn, Shinigami! I knew you were stupid but not this much!” Grimmjow said. He was kind of disappointed by Kurosaki’s protectiveness of himself. When the teen was fighting him, Grimmjow was sure that the shinigami never minded a cut or two (or a couple of dozens, but he digress). A kiss was not supposed to be as painful as that, rather yet it was supposed to be…well, good. The expression on the shinigami’s face told him otherwise though.

            Despite Ichigo’s façade, the teen wasn’t quite exactly upset, if not more shocked than anything else. But somehow, he didn’t have the energy or enough anger to deal with Grimmjow. The teen sighed and pushed Grimmjow’s hand away from his shoulder, turning back to his house that he ridiculously missed. “I can’t deal with you today, Grimmjow…lots of work…pissed. Go back to Las Noches.”

            The espada scowled. “I ain’t gonna take any order from a half-ass shinigami!” Grimmjow then blocked the teen’s way home by reaching out to the wall and stepped in front of Ichigo. The teen looked up, but his eyes lacked the acknowledgement that Grimmjow was looking for. It wasn’t like Kurosaki to ignore an initiated fight or challenge, and this action from the boy annoyed him to no ends. Fury replaced boredom, and Ichigo bitterly slapped away Grimmjow’s hand, much to the surprise of the espada, which quickly faded away.

            “Grimmjow! I’m not looking for a fight today, so leave! I’m much too annoyed and bothered by my school life as it is and I don’t need any other business involving Shinigami or Hollows! Leave me alone.” Ichigo made a dart for the door after that, but Grimmjow wasn’t going to let that go easily, grabbing the boy by his flinging arm, the espada held him back by a tight grip on Ichigo’s wrist. He pulled the struggling boy back, and Ichigo fell trying to grab hold of something.

            The sixth espada smirked. “Nah. Ya know, now that I thought about it…” Grimmjow leaned in next to the boy’s ear, enough to whisper teasingly. “…you never brought that kiss back up to be a reason to get angry at me. Were you, by any chance, trying to avoid the subject?”

            Ichigo struggled against the Espada’s grip, his head bowed low to avoid eye contact with Grimmjow. The action from the teen only served to make the teal-haired arrancar grin even more. “Embarrassed, shinigami?”

            The sight of the teen blushing was the only thing he saw before he went flying backward into a near by telephone pole

            Grimmjow never knew that Ichigo could pack a punch that hard before this.

            Regrettably, the teen took this chance to rush inside the clinic, but not before muttering “bastard” under his breath which Grimmjow had caught, not to pleased. The espada’s frowning face from being caught off guard was not too long replaced with a sadistic grin, following with a quick laugh to himself. In normal conditions, the person who even dare to land a blow on him—if they actually can, provided that they did not die first—would be crushed to hell a long time ago by the arrancar himself.

            Strangely though, Grimmjow didn’t feel like killing today.

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カゼ: Ichi's sex godkamikaze43v3r on April 2nd, 2008 03:30 am (UTC)
Hey this is kinda cute! The characters were perfectly in IC, and the story is nice, so good work! ^^
THE INTENSITY OF FUCKING AND BEING FUCKED: persuationtheiya_sama on April 2nd, 2008 08:42 am (UTC)
Hey, I'm the maker of the icon you're using right now. I'm honored that people use my icons~ And I'm very grateful for that.

But, even with that, please credit me as the maker. I checked your userpics, and you took 3 of my icons. I stated on the rules that you must credit if you're going to use my icons. Therefore, I come ranting before you to say that credit me.

I'm guessing that you're new around LJ and don't know how to credit. This is how you credit--

Put that information on 'comment' part beside the icons I made. Please.

I will tolerate this for your first offense, but nothing like this should happen again. I've made myself clear. If anything like this should happen again, UR DED.

Have a good day~
Kiasohmakia_sohma on April 2nd, 2008 07:55 pm (UTC)
Heyyy!! I guess you're dead on...haha I really DON"T know how to credit. Seriously, I read that crediting part on your page, I nod my head 'yeah, sure', but I really have no idea how exactly am I suppose to. Figured it was just something like "Oh HEY! Yeah, the icon here <---- 'insert person name here' made it!!" or something...DED WRONG...

Thanks for the warning and for the help, if not I'll probably gonna get in trouble with more people then. heee~
THE INTENSITY OF FUCKING AND BEING FUCKED: persuationtheiya_sama on April 3rd, 2008 09:03 am (UTC)
Lol, no problem as long as it doesn't happen again~

It took me a long time to realize how to credit when I first set foot on LJ, too. Glad I could help. And maybe I should put that image on my icon posts just in case >_>

Anyway, have fun with LJ~ ! :D
tokyo majin: Grimm x Ichitokyo_majin on April 2nd, 2008 02:54 pm (UTC)
I liked this story >.< You wrote them well and it was cute
Grimmjow's obsession is like that isn't it?
Kiasohmakia_sohma on April 2nd, 2008 07:57 pm (UTC)
ThAnkS! and yeah...Grimm is like that.
In Denial...Possesive...se...xy....(glance glance)HAHA